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When you have made your choice from our selection of quality frames, the next step is to review your optometrist's recommendations for the perfect lenses and coatings to suit your lifestyle. It is our priority to make your vision as clear as possible and your glasses comfortable for everyday wear.

Lenses explained

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision - be that for long distance, intermediate distance (computer etc.), or for near vision (reading). It's the most common type of prescription.

We offer a personalised ophthalmic lens design which is made with digital production techniques - bespoke to your needs to give the highest performance in clarity and comfort. Our single vision freeform lenses are compatible with all glasses - no matter the frame, material, base curve or prescription - so you can be confident of high performance in all circumstances.


Bifocal lenses are prescribed when you need correction for both near and long distance vision. Bifocal lenses consist of two parts - an upper part for clear long distance vision needs (walking, driving, watching TV) and a lower section which is stronger and allows the eye to focus closer up for near vision needs (reading etc.). You can usually recognise bifocal lenses by a circular or half-moon shape visible on the lens.

Our bifocal lenses are easy to wear with no adaptation issues and offer clear vision from a reading distance of up to 4 metres.


Varifocal lenses correct near, intermediate and long distance vision with one lens so you can see clearly at all distances. Varifocals give you the freedom to only need one versatile pair of glasses, rather than multiple frames for both distance and near vision.

Historically, varifocal lenses have been hard to adapt to but we offer a range of sophisticated lenses that can be manufactured specifically to your prescription and anatomy. Our most advanced varifocal lenses - the ARC range - utilise both sides of the lens with specific personalised measurements, giving the widest field of clear vision and easy adaptability.

Zone Lenses

Our lenses are manufactured and hand-finished in Scotland in our lab that features the latest technology for lens and coating production. Your dispensing assistant will then explain the options available and what will best suit your needs.

Zone Lenses

Ideal for high prescriptions - excellent vision in every gaze direction.

Ideal for those looking for a solution to visual fatigue.

A freeform lens design ideal for office work.


Our award winning lens technology

Our ARC Steady lens is the most advance Varifocal lens on the market. And we make it right here in Scotland


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Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are ideal for cutting out glare and haze from light. These lenses are particularly beneficial for water sports and driving as they remove the dazzling effects the sun can create, providing much clearer vision.


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