Enhanced Services

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a quick, painless scan, with countless benefits for your eyesight as well as your health.
What can a 3D OCT scan detect?

The layers at the back of the eye can be difficult to see with standard equipment. An OCT scan displays vibrant colour pictures of these ultra-thin membranes.

Any fluid detected beneath the layers at the back of the eye will be revealed through an OCT scan. The fluid can be measured and our optometrists can then make additional referrals if necessary.

The fluid inside the eye is analysed in 3D, which helps us establish if there has been any separation within the eye that could be responsible for floaters.

The optic nerve scans provide detailed information about the quantity and thickness of the nerve fibre layers and can help us detect any damage due to glaucoma. We can also review the chambers inside the eye and evaluate the risk of closed angle glaucoma, providing us valuable time to suggest treatment options.

We can assess the thickness of your eye's surface, which is very useful information to have if we discover the pressure within the eyes is higher than normal.

Repeat OCT scans, even on healthy eyes, help us to monitor eye health over time, meaning any subtle changes can be immediately detected and treated if necessary.

Enhanced Eye Exam

In selected branches, we offer an enhanced eye exam, which captures an image of around 82% of your eye. A standard eye exam focuses on 15% of the eye .

This ultra-wide retinal imaging makes a real difference in detecting ocular and systemic disease in your eye.

Our enhanced eye exam is available in Ayr, Stirling and Troon.