Eye Health

Our eye health exams offer more than a simple sight test. Our highly-trained optometrists will assess your vision, the health of your eyes and also look for any early signs of other health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

An eye health exam will last roughly 30 minutes. In addition to the main exam, we will also ask you general lifestyle questions so that if you do require a prescription then we can recommend which type of glasses or contact lenses will best suit your needs in day-to-day life.

Our eyes change all the time. Regular eye exams every 2 years - or more frequently if recommended by your optician - will ensure that your prescription is up-to-date and that you are wearing the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle.

What to expect at 20 20

This short guide gives you a clear overview of what you can expect when you come in for an eye exam at a 20 20 practice. It's a relaxed and friendly process, and rest assured that our qualified optometrists will answer any query or concern you have about your check-up.


1. Initial Assessment

Before your exam, our practitioners will use optical equipment to give accurate measurements regarding the pressure inside your eyes, their curvature, how well your eyes focus and your field of vision. We may also take optical photographs of the inside of your eyes to give your optometrist as much detailed information about your eyes as possible.


2. Eye Health Exam

During your eye exam our friendly optometrists will test each eye individually and then together to make sure any prescription required is balanced and gives you coordinated vision. You'll be asked to read from a wall chart through various lenses to determine your prescription. Your optometrist will tell you if you need glasses, and for what purpose. They'll also recommend what type of lenses will best suit your prescription and lifestyle.


3. Picking your frames

If you do need glasses, our customer assistance team will show you our extensive range of frames. If you're looking for advice on what types of style will suit you, our friendly staff will be happy to help pick out a selection of frames to suit your face shape and personal taste. You can try on as many pairs as you like - just to be sure! If you already have a frame in mind and it's not in our store, we will be more than happy to order it in for you.


4. Selecting lenses and coatings

When you have chosen your new frames, you'll then have a consultation with a dispensing assistant who will review your prescription and the recommendations from your optometrist. We'll clearly explain the lens options you have and outline the optional coatings you can apply to enhance the comfort of your glasses, protect against damage and fit your budget.


5. Making your glasses

With your order complete, our state-of-the-art lab will then make the lenses for your glasses. By entering your personal measurements and specifications we can use digital production techniques to give the highest performance in clarity and comfort. Your lenses are then fitted to your frames and sent back to your local 20 20 branch for collection.


6. Fitting your glasses

We'll let you know when your frames are ready to pick up. When you come in to collect your glasses a dispensing assistant will take time with you to check your new glasses feel nice and comfortable and sit on your face correctly. If any fitting adjustments are required, we will do it straight away.


7. Aftercare

Your 20 20 experience doesn't end when leave with your new glasses. Our customers are always welcome to pop in should your frames need polishing or tightening. Just walk in to your nearest 20 20 branch if you need any assistance.