Covid-19 Patient FAQ’s

We are incredibly fortunate to have staff trained to an exceptional level to help you throughout these unprecedented times. We are now bringing our services to you ‘virtually’ and are pleased to be here to continue to support our communities with their eye and hearing health.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help with any queries. We encourage patients to phone us if they require any more information.

Are your branches open as normal?

o We are still here for you, just in a new way

o To reduce the movement of people and safeguard our communities we are now offering our services ‘virtually’.

o We will continue to adapt our services as the Government regulations are announced.

o Keep checking our website for updates.

What does this mean for me?

o Our experienced teams continue to be here to support your eye and hearing care by phone or email.

o You can book a phone appointment here or email the relevant department





I require spectacles, what can I do?

o Please phone your nearest branch. We can carry out a telephone consultation and where possible arrange spectacles to be delivered to you.

I have broken my spectacles what can I do?

o Please phone your nearest branch and we can arrange repairs.

I have concerns about my sight what can I do?

o Our experienced teams are on-hand to advise/support any eye health concerns you may have. You can book a phone appointment online or call your nearest branch or email eyecare@2020opticians.com and we will advise.

I am due my next batch of contact lenses, will I still receive my lenses?

o If your continuous supply of contact lenses is already processed with home delivery and paid for via direct debit, you don’t need to take any action and you will receive your lenses

o If you are due an aftercare appointment or are not paying by direct debit with home delivery, please book a phone appointment online or email contactlenses@2020opticians.com and our team will advise.

I am overdue my contact lens appointment, can I still receive my lenses?

Please book a phone appointment online or email contactlenses@2020opticians.com and our team will advise.

I wear contact lenses, can I still wear them during the COVID-19 pandemic?

o Yes if your eyes feel comfortable and you are not experiencing any pain, redness or blurry vision. Please remember to wash your hands for 20seconds prior to putting your lenses in or taking them out.

I am due a Hearing care follow up service appointment, can I still attend?

o Due to government regulations, we are not carrying out face to face consultations. However, we are still able to service hearing aids, please phone your nearest branch to arrange.

I need to order batteries/waxguards/domes, etc can you help?

o Certainly, please call your nearest branch we can take a few details, receive payment over the phone and post them out to you.

My GP says I need wax removed from my ears; can I make an appointment?

o Currently to adhere to social distancing we are unable to carry out ear wax removal.

o However, our qualified audiologists recommend Sodium Bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate ear wax drops are alkaline, while ear wax is acidic. The drops will soften dry and hardened ear wax and slowly chemically dissolve the earwax, reducing the need for removal.

My hearing aid is not working.

o Have you changed the waxguard/battery? If your aid is still not working, please post it (registered or insured post is recommended) to:

Duncan & Todd

14 Crown Terrace


AB11 6HE

Our team will look to repair and if needed will return to the manufacturer who will post it back direct to you. You will be informed at each stage of the process regarding what is required.