Contact Lenses


Contact lenses for all lifestyles

At 20 20 we love glasses, but if you want to go for a run in the rain, change your style for a special occasion or if you simply don't want to wear glasses - why not try contact lenses?

Our skilled optometrists will first understand what you want from contact lenses and, based on your prescription, assess the right contact lenses package for your needs. We offer support every step of the way. After your initial eye exam, we'll show you how to put your lenses in, take your lenses out and how to care for them correctly. Our aftercare service ensures that you are always using the right lenses and keeping your eyes healthy.

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Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses or both - our business vision has always been to provide the best quality eye care.

Contact Lens Packages

Whether you’re an experienced wearer or this is your first time, we have the support you need to ensure that your lenses are comfortable and perfectly fit your lifestyle. Choose from one of the below:

Our best value package – everything is taken care of, hassle-free.

  • Unlimited Contact Care appointments
  • 50% off prescription glasses
  • 25% off non-prescription sunglasses
  • Free home delivery every 3 months
  • Free replacement lenses (monthly and daily)
  • Free contact lens solution (for monthly lenses)

We will ensure all your healthcare, vision and comfort needs are taken care of. Lenses and solution can be purchased, as required.

  • Unlimited Contact Care appointments
  • 25% off frames
  • 10% off Pay-as-you-Go lenses (monthly and daily)
  • 25% off non-disposable lenses

Contact lenses might surprise you

Allow us to debunk some of the most common contact lens myths:


Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Once you’re used to contacts, most people can’t even feel that they’re wearing them! Modern materials are very soft and full of moisture to keep your eyes comfortable all day long.


I will have to wear them all the time

Daily disposables are a flexible way to use contact lenses. You can keep your glasses and wear contacts whenever it’s more convenient or you just feel like it.


They're hard to put in and take out

It can feel strange to do at first but our knowledgeable practitioners will take all the time you need to feel confident with the process.


My prescription isn't suitable

Advances in lenses mean we can correct 99% of prescriptions - even those with astigmatism or patients that usually wear bifocals or varifocals can wear contacts.


Contacts are difficult to look after

Monthly lenses can be cleaned with a one-bottle contact lens care system making cleaning easy! Of course, you can also choose daily disposables and discard after each use.


Contact lenses can get stuck behind my eyes

Fear not, a thin membrane covers the white of your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelids making it impossible for a lens to get lost behind your eye.